Wednesday, 30 July 2014

XENON In-Store Event: CELL Livestream Q&A from Japan

XENON Japanesque Rock + Shibuya Style clothing and music store will host a live Q&A session with the members of CELL!  XENON, opened July 21, 2014, is the first ever official CURE shop in the US and boasts a great collection of Visual Kei-style clothing and music straight from Japan.  The event is totally free and starts at 8:00pm.  That's like 6am Japan time, so don't make those boys get up early for nothing!  

[Xenon In-Store Event]

August 9th, Sat. 8:00pm-9:00pm. Free
@Xenon, Little Tokyo

319 E 2nd St. #119 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Located in front of JUNGLE.

DJ Meirlin & Ryo(ex.LF-laissez faire-)

■CELL NEW SINGLE: JIKOGENKYU PARADOX Release (Available at Xenon on the day of the event)

■CURE MAGAZINE Vol.134 November Issue: SNAP SHOT from LA. You'll be on CURE MAGAZINE!