Monday, 14 July 2014

The Weekly Quickie: Knot Fest, Sailor Soldiers, BREAKERZ, LYCAON, lynch., MIYAVI

Planning on going to Knotfest this year?  No?  Well, I suggest you change your plans as some very awesome Japanese rock will shaking the stage in San Bernardino, California.  MAN WITH A MISSION, ONE OK ROCK and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will all be taking the stage on 10/25.  Now, that is a killer lineup if I ever saw one.  If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend you go.  These three bands alone are worth the price of a festival ticket.

I've been seeing a TON of buzz on the net about the new Sailor Moon series that started up recently, but did you know there was a band?  It's called Sailor Soldiers and includes some familiar faces such as KillKills bassist Ery and Exist Trace guitarist Miko.  I expect some pop-metal goodness from these girls.  At the very least, some epic cosplay.

Did you know that BREAKERZ was releasing a Best Live DVD?  NEITHER DID I!  It's a monster, too.  Titled "BREAKERZ Live Tour 2012 - 2013 "Best" - Live House Collection - & - Hall Collection" it contains 4 DVD's with a total of 400 minutes of live footage from both live houses and hall tours.  The DVD set releases 7/23, so hurry up and preorder now!

Speaking of releases, LYCAON just announced the release of both a single and full album this winter.  The single, titled "Shadow ", releases 10/22 and the full length album, titled "Camera Obscura ," is planned for release 2/4/2015.  These releases will be followed up by a 2015 tour called MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA starting in March.

Heavy rock band Lynch. will also be releasing a live DVD on September 10.  It will be titled "Tour'14 "To The Gallows" - Absolute Xanadu" and will feature their special one-man live held on April 23 at the now defunct Shibuya AX.  The DVD will be available in two types and both will include a directors cut of the show in it's entirety with both encores and full MC's.

If you follow me on Google+, then you've already seen the latest trailer for Unbroken, featuring none other than guitarist MIYAVI in his English language film debut.  Directed by Angelina Jolie, Unbroken tells the story of Olympian turned war hero, Louis Zamperini, who, after being shot down over the Pacific, was 'rescued' and then incarcerated in a Japanese POW camp.  MIYAVI stars as Mutsuhiro Watanabe, the officer who ran the camp.  He's a bad, bad man, guys, so prepare to see MIYAVI in a whole new light.

And, don't forget, it's almost exactly four weeks till Orlando Nerdfest and the full concert schedule is up!  Are you excited?  I'm excited.

And that's the Quickie!  Sayonara suckaaaaas!