Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dan's Pick "44°+"

Welcome back!

This is a pretty sweet group I found while browsing Space Shower Music's YouTube page a few weeks ago. (YouTube page here)

44°+ is a four piece post rock instrumental band that was formed in the summer of 2012. Straight outta Kobe! Fun Fact: That's where my high school Japanese teacher was from.

The members are as follows: 
Hikaru Okumura (Hikaru Twitter)
Aiichirou Tanaka (Aiichirou Twitter)
Youhei Sakamoto (Youhei Twitter)
Masayuki Jintani (Masayuki Twitter)

I'm going to keep this mildly brief, but don't take that as disinterest. This song is off their album "Consider and Forget". It has a lot cool guitar textures that vary throughout the song which are quite enjoyable. The production is pretty good, everything is mixed pretty well (my opinion). The drumming is technical and very fun to focus on. Double thumbs up from me. I looove the acoustic guitar is. It's a nice addition, I think. Some of my favorite moments in this song are the acoustic parts. There are also really funky bass lines, and you know how I like nice funky bass lines. I'll definitely be checking out more of this group's songs. 

[44°+ "D" (Official Music Video]

Check them out online: