Tuesday, 15 July 2014

[News Release] Mothercoat Will Perform At Russian Summer Music Festival V-ROX!

[News Release]

Mothercoat will perform at V-ROX Festival this summer - an international music showcase event held in Vladivostok, Russia from August 29th to 31st, 2014.

"The idea of the V-ROX festival – was an idea of discoveries: people should discover interesting things around themselves, rather than relying on someone else’s opinion. We want people to see what is happening around them and open themselves to it. In this case we are talking about Vladivostok and the Far East region, which, despite their geographic proximity, are not fully adapted to a thriving new Asian cultural environment."* 

They also say "I would call our festival the “Festival of Discoveries". But it is in any case, not a competition, not a talent show , it is a place of meeting not only for creative people but also for independent and self-motivated."*

Isn't it a fantastic idea for them to hold such a big international festival with DIY spirit? We are so honored to be invited and hope that people will have a chance to get to know unknown, but exciting music from all over the world.

In 2013 V-ROX, Ego Wrappin performed as a headliner from Japan and in 2014, Skindred (UK). Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan) and Mohanik (Mongolia) will be headlining. Another Japanese artist in addition to mothercoat is Broken Haze. There will be so many artists to watch such as The Ghost (UK), Jim Kroft (Germany) and Idiotape (South Korea) who performed in SXSW 2014 with mothercoat. Just wait till you see the next legend that mothercoat will create in Far East!

V-ROX 2014 Participants List


[mothercoat upcoming shows schedule]

07/19(Sat) @Minamihorie SOCORE FACTORY(Osaka)
bands: ANYO, BOMBORI, Qu

07/24(Thu) @Otsuka Hearts+(Tokyo)
bands: Jibunjikan, DON Matsuo Magic Mountain, ATLANTIS AIRPORT, Tejina

08/04(Mon) @Shibuya O-nest(Tokyo)
bands: Yasei Collective, give me wallets, and more...
DJ: ASAHI, and more...
Others: YOICHIRO(live paint ),sasch(MC)

08/06(Wed) @Shinjuku Motion(Tokyo)
bands: Garasugoshinoboso, about tess, ...and more

08/09(Sat)@Nagoya CLUB ROCK'N'ROLL (Aichi)
bands: eito, D.pride, fast flow , LiLi lost a friend , and more...

08/13(Wed) @Shinjuku LOFT(Tokyo)
bands: STOROBOY, How to count one to ten, and more...



[official web site] http://www.mothercoat.com

[mailto] info@mothercoat.com

[twitter] http://twitter.com/mothercoat

[facebook] https://www.facebook.com/mothercoat

 (*Opening quotes from V-ROX Festival: http://vrox.vladivostok3000.ru/en/about [minor edit for clarity])