Thursday, 24 July 2014

Live Report: One Ok Rock at Warped Tour July 3, 2014

Hello everyone, Taka here...

It's been nearly a month since I saw One Ok Rock and just now got all the videos and photos rendered. My apologies...

But One Ok Rock hit the Beatport Stage over in Noblesville, Indiana on July 3. The band joined on to the Warped Tour lineup playing from April 1 to July 6. Noblesville was the closest location to me so I packed up my little sister (whose phone was borrowed for photos and videos; hence the delay) and drove about 2 and a half hours for the awesome rock festival!

One Ok Rock performed at 6:50PM and had signings and photos at their merchandise booth at 4:30PM.

Between running back and forth from other bands my sister and I wanted to see, I was lucky enough to have time to be at both the full signing/photo session AND the performance. Now my recollection of the setlist may be in mix-matched order but their performance was about 30 minutes.

Tomoya entered the stage first with a killer drum solo that built up to Ryota and Toru joining in. This introduction was unlike the other 2 performances I had seen them at (the headliner show in NYC back in February and Rock On The Range back in May). Instead of using "Where Idiot Should Go" as their introduction, the guys ad-libbed an instrumental that kept building and building until suddenly- the backtrack to "Deeper Deeper" started to play. Taka came out, full of energy, and the crowd started clapping along.

An amazing start to the show. The energy kept flowing into "Nothing Helps"- one of my personal favourites.

After that, the band followed up with "Clock Strikes"- where Taka came down off the stage during the bridge and went to stand on the hands of the crowd in the first few rows. I was smack in the middle of helping support his daring crowd stand and also capturing it on video for it was a "couldn't miss" opportunity, all the while the crowd was singing along at the top of their lungs.

Then- "Stuck In The Middle"- a new song to come out on a presumed new album.

And sadly the show came to an end too quickly... but it went on a great note. They played "The Beginning"- another personal favourite- to end their set.

The show kept up the energy till the end- which is no surprise. One Ok Rock is known for their energetic shows and just as energetic fans. They are definitely worth going to see... at least all three times I went.

Here is the highlight video I recorded with segments of almost each song: