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PV Analysis: GOTCHAROCKA - 'Virginity'

GOTCHAROCKA is led by Jui on vocals and completed by Jun on guitar and Toya also on guitar. Active from May of 2012, they've released one mini album and one full length as of this writing, along with 4 singles. Taken from the titular track on their mini-album,  The PV for Virginity is a strange depiction of one man's issues with the cafe he's selected for a post-shopping experience, accompanied by a rocking track that seems to loop itself in a cautionary tone.

An awkward young man enters a maid cafe, attended by a cute waitress in uniform. She kneels in a subservient pose as he sits and sets down his shopping bag, apparently fresh from the pharmacy if I'm reading the mortar and pestle image on the tote accurately. She departs after presenting a menu, and he glares lustfully at her over the top of his glasses, apparently 'afflicted' with the titular virginity of the track in his pervy looks here. From this we cut to the band performing in what appears to be a parking garage structure, rocking hard in this urban setting. There are shots of all the members, intercut with images of a woman wearing deep red lipstick with nails to match, appearing seductive.

Though her garb and makeup are much different, the woman appears to be the man's projection of his lust towards the maid-waitress at the cafe. The maid cafe concept itself is one seen more frequently outside of Japan, originating there despite the western overtones inherent in the decor and uniforms. Though an outgrowth of cosplay and 'moe' fascination, perhaps it's also a mild outcropping or diminutive modernization of the notion of the geisha, women trained to serve on a
number of entertaining needs for their clientele. The tradition ill-fits modern notions of feminism, and though the maid cafe appears to carry on in a vein of this tradition they're apparently rather popular with an ever-widening range of clientele. There is a range of rules and etiquette to employ in these establishments, and this man's behaviour goes against several over the course of the video.

After the rock sequence we're taken back to the cafe where the maid returns with a glass of water. The young man's nervous anticipation is clear as she approaches, however the worst of the anxious reaction is yet to occur. As in the lyrics, 'Lips trembling is white skin you / I trace to the clumsy fumbling' he's clearly shaken by the encounter. She sets the glass down on the table, and he reaches for it in kind at that very moment. Their hands make the briefest of physical contact, apparently too much for the young man to handle as his hands rocket to his crotch. There's a look of pained ecstasy on his face as she recoils; it's apparent that he's ejaculated in his pants. The
lyric 'I want to send all the way in once again aroused Cum on!' actually states it rather implicitly. She beats a creeped-out retreat from the scene, and we cut back to the band performing, flashing the made-up woman as well. She strokes her nylon'd legs in a sexy fashion shot with a soft filter, calling to question the reality of her scenes in its silky haze.

The sultry woman flashes in the same seat as we see Jui, and back to him in different poses. From this, can we gather that the woman is a stand-in for Jui in the young man's fevered arousal dream? It's an odd bit of visual trickery that calls the role of the seductress into question further as the PV continues. We see the man gazing lustfully at the maid again, and she looks around uncomfortably, clearly not wanting the attention she's drawn from this lonely soul / customer. We see an assortment of polaroids of her in action at the cafe – shots with the maids are generally offered for customers at these establishments. That these are all solo pictures of the maid-tress could be the work of someone taking unwanted photos, but she seems to be aware in the images we see.

In the cafe again, we see the server back at the table, seated and looking pleasant and accommodating. The young man seems to point to his neck as they speak, appearing to ask an agitated question. Her neck is revealed to have a sizable hickey, clearly upsetting the customer. His anger appears to surface, and she lashes out with a slap to the face. As she runs off we see more of his devastation at this perceived betrayal, the illusion created by the cafe's veneer destroyed for him. As we see more of the seductress amidst shots of the band playing on, I think it may be the same woman as the maid, but the way the seductress is shot appears deliberately vague, leaving the imagery questionable. There is something of a montage of the cafe sequence in quick cuts, implying the man reliving his experience in the moment, or perhaps he's been through this similar scene time and time again. The lyrics finishing the piece deliver an aroused and spiteful farewell, 'Cum on! / oh I'm coming. / Good bye, bitch.' as the man leaves the cafe, the male host apparently after him.

I can't help but wonder if the repetition of the track musically is meant to depict the scene as a repeated situation of disappointment for the young man, but regardless as to intent the track underscores an awkward social scene that the anxiety/lust-struck among us can likely relate to (at least in part). The band is well shot and look pretty cool as they drive the song along, and Jui leers suggestively over much of the proceedings while delivering the goods vocally.

By Josh Campbell

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