Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shibuya Crossing Episode 036 LIVE Wednesday July 23rd!

FEELING MOODY? We got some music to keep you company. 

On the next episode of Shibuya Crossing, our opening setlist will help you stay calm and firmly planted on your two feet (or more, if you're not a human) with a mellow and rebellious kind of mix to coincide with the weather of the, shall we say, say - rainy kind. You will hear the music of 9 GOATS BLACK OUT and marlee to start off with. Expect some additional pieces on the side we're saving for on air.

We walk down through memory lane once again to explore the music of D'ESPAIRSRAY. We'll feature them in this week's Artist Spotlight ahead of their imminent reunion appearance next week during Angelo's live concert in Japan. 

Also, to ease down your despair and loneliness, how about we take you to the movies for free? The 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal is in high gear and we're going to be giving away free passes to the movie of your choice. Tune in to to learn more! 

We’re also playing music from some more films screening during Fantasia, and then take a look on some international J-Rock inspired artists making waves among music lovers everywhere! All on Episode 036 of Shibuya Crossing.

Wednesday, July 23rd at 1pm EST at CJLO.com (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm on demand at http://cjlo.com/?q=shows/shibuya-crossing.

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690