Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Fashion Fraction: Online Shopping Picks [July 2, 2014]

Good day, everyone. Apologies for the day-late submission. Due to internet problems on my end, I had to postpone a day on this article. But to make it up... I'm posting the first of my quick article array for Online Shopping Picks where I recommend about 10 products from our affiliates and provide my two-cents as to how I'd coordinate them for a pretty sweet outfit.

Our amazing affiliates have a great inventory of fashion available for everyone. Now I'm a big punk and gothic (and Visual Kei, obviously) loving individual- so most of my recommendations are gonna criss-cross over into those styles.

I'm going to focus on YesStyle considering it's their 8th anniversary. They're having an epic sale right now where thousands of items are anywhere from 10% off and up to 80% off! Sale lasts till July 27! I'm going to be browsing through all their on sale items and posting my picks on what you should totally throw into your cart if you do decide to go on a little online shopping spree.

Embroidered Mesh Overlay Tunic
Brand: Flower Idea
Listing Price: $30.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $27.81 USD
You Save: $3.09 USD

Taka's Two-CentsSo cute and simple. I have a top similar to this from a US outlet store with a black collar and more traditional lace pattern over flower.
I like to refer to this kind of top as "kinder-Goth". Perfect for a more innocent and elementary inspired look.

I'd wear this with a black vest or waist cincher with either pants or a skirt. You can skip the waist cincher entirely and pair it with a high-waisted pair of pants or skirt. Go full "goth schoolkid" with some shorts or skirts (regular or high waisted), decorative vest, tights or knee-high socks, and laced Oxfords or Mary-Janes.

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Elbow-Sleeve Cutout Shoulder Chiffon Top
Brand: Dora
Listing Price: $18.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $17.01 USD
You Save: $1.89 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: I love cutout shoulder tops. And I love the look and feel of loose fit chiffon- so comfortable! Definitely more on the "girly Goth" end, this would look great over a lace or fishnet top (to fill those shoulders with interesting pattern) and you could rock this with a pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt. I'd pair in a set of silk patterned leggings (preferably plaid on my end) with a tiered asymmetrical chiffon and lace skirt and either a pair of boots- mid-calf or knee-high- or rockin' pumps. Studded pumps. Oh yes.

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Smocked-Waist Tiered Dress
Brand: Bongjashop
Listing Price: $65.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $59.31 USD
You Save: $6.59 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: I mentioned a tiered skirt before, well here is a tiered dress. Tiered items are some of my favourite things to wear because they add depth and dimension while also being rather slimming (in most cases). This is rather basic in design and the most I would add is some tights or leggings (fishnet, lace, spiderweb print, plaid- you name it) with boots or heels. The rest- accessorize! With it's gentle swooping neckline, more tiering with a choker and two necklaces would accent it nicely. The short sleeves allow for an array of bracelets and armbands. Maybe even some armwarmers?

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Banded Waist Houndstooth Skinny Pants
Brand: YesStyle Z
Listing Price: $11.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $7.14 USD
You Save: $4.76 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: Before I hear the fashionable men of the fandom gripe about how "most of these are geared towards women", I just want to say I'm a firm believer in there being no such thing as gender-role fashion. As a fan of Visual Kei, all clothes are fair game. Keep that in mind, readers~
These pants are on my wish list at the moment due to their amazing sale price. These instantly reminded me of Jyou (Exist Trace). The coordination the model is wearing (leather jacket, over-ankle boots, simple top) is exactly the one I would recommend.

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Inset Shorts Chiffon Maxi Skirt
Brand: QZ Lady
Listing Price: $20.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $16.72 USD
You Save: $4.18 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: Catching on to the chiffon trend... and, of course, it's time I share a chiffon skirt. Serving as both the billowing grace of a long flowy skirt and added comfort of shorts, you can be both cool this summer and rather aristocratic with this piece.

I have a ruffled collar black lace shirt that would go great with this. Accompany with some boots, a vest (I'm thinking white to add an accent with all that black), and maybe a hat... definitely going to look more on the "upper end" of the Goth fashion community.

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Black and White Buttonless Long Cardigan
Brand: QZ Lady
Listing Price: $19.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $15.92 USD
You Save: $3.98 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: Cardigans. The must have in casual Visual Kei fashion. If anyone has noticed, many musicians wear layered and flowy shirts with just as layered and flowy jackets or cardigans (I primarily think of Aoi (the GazettE) every time I make this statement). This one is no exception. Pair this with a flowy asymmetrical cut long top, a pair of skinny pants, boots, loads of jewelry, and- bam. You compiled a simple but rockin' outfit!

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Faux-Leather Panel Skinny Pants with Belt
Brand: YesStyle Z
Listing Price: $22.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $11.45 USD
You Save: $11.45 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: Another on my immediate wish list- for 50% off right now, you can't beat these pants! And, it's about time I threw in some leather. What is this scene without some leather?
Now, I have some leggings with faux leather paneling in the sides and it's nice to see it in the front and accompanied with a nice belt. I'd pair it with some boots (as you discover, I am a boots fan), a dress shirt much like the model is wearing, some layered cardigans or jackets, and loads more jewelry.

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Star-Print Harem Pants
Brand: QZ Lady
Listing Price: $17.90 USD
YesStyle Current Sale Price: $14.32 USD
You Save: $3.58 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: This is where my past Oshare Kei love shows...
There was a point where I was dressing similar to how Takeru (SuG) did. While he may have worn harem pants, I never owned a pair. But this are so cute and perfect for the more bubbly street fashion. Get a metallic tank top or two, layer them, add a leather jacket, some obnoxiously large skater shoes. neon accessories, and I believe you're on your way to mirroring a similar style I tried to mirror a few years back.

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Ball Chain Necklace (left) & The head of Dragon necklace (right)
Brand: Kamsmak & Kenny & CO.
YesStyle Price: $46.90 USD & $52.00 USD

Taka's Two-Cents: While they're not on sale, I feel I need to share some jewelry examples to give an idea on what to accessorize with exactly. The ball chain necklace is a perfect example of pre-tiered jewelry to accent the neckline of any top while the head of Dragon necklace adds that edgy pop. You can buy pre-tiered or try arranging your one 1 chain necklaces in a variety of ways.

I hope you enjoyed my two-cents as well as the ideas start turning for your own amazing coordination's!
And that's just a touch on what YesStyle has to offer in their awesome 8th anniversary sale! Be sure to visit YesStyle yourself and browse through their large collection of brands!