Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekly Quickie: NIGHTMARE, Mejibray, Royz, LUCHe, D.I.D., Kuroyuri to Kage, SCREW, ALSDEAD, Liraizu

Nighmare, Mejibray, and Royz have announced they will appear in the first ever Chinese Visual Kei Halloween Event, 聖夜狂想祭----Halloween Party, in Shanghai, China.  The event will take place on November 1 and will also include Chinese visual band, Lilith.  This will be Mejibray's first show outside of Japan, so this is a huge step for them.  Tickets, which include a VIP option, can be purchased here.

As you have probably heard by now, young visual group, LUCHe. was involved in a roll-over car accident on September 4.  Details are sparse and scattered, but it seems that all members came out okay without any life-threatening injuries.  They will, however, need to take some time off to recover and, between that and damage to their equipment, there is no word on when they will return.  Needless to say, upcoming performances have been canceled.  I saw a picture of the car and, frankly, it looked horrifying.  I'm just glad everyone is okay and wish them a quick and easy recovery.

In more positive news, D.I.D has announced a tentative return from hiatus with a live scheduled for October 5.  Called Akane(Re)birthday ONEMAN「Gott ist "DA”」, the live will be held at Takadanobaba AREA and features the triumphant (hopefully) return of vocalist, Akane, who had to take some time off for his mental health.  Personally, I am super excited about his return.  They have also announced the planned release of their previously canceled new single, Fatal Error Race, but no word yet on a release date. 

Kuroyuri to Kage, the reincarnation of my beloved Memento Mori, have opened up their OHP and released their new look!  I still just can't handle their new stage names, though.  I mean, check these out:

Vo.烏名鳴-karasuna mei- (exメメント・モリ(memento mori)(哀/ai))
Gt.黒-kuro- (ex-ユキライン(exメメント・モリ(memento mori)(椿/tsubaki))
Gt.こよみ-koyomi- (exメメント・モリ(memento mori)(潯/jin))
Ba.K (ex-あいすくりいむ。(exメメント・モリ(memento mori)(夜半/yohan))
Dr.夢月-mutsuki- (ラドック(raddock)-->メメント・モリ(memento mori)(support))

And these guys aren't wasting any time.  Along with two new releases and their first one-man set for October 2, they will also be featured in the October issue of Shoxx Magazine Vol 260, so make sure to pick it up. 

SCREW bassist, Rui, has announced he will be leaving the band and ceasing all music activities to pursue his interests as a fashion designer.  Rui will depart on December 28 and the band will continue on with four members.  Does this feel a little strange to anyone but me?

ALSDEAD has released a preview of two of the tracks off of their upcoming album, Idea.  The tracks are Adrenaline and Hero and, let me tell you, they ROCK!  Check them out on their official soundcloud account and don't forget to pick up the album October 8.

And a last minute add that just came to my attention this morning and is too frikkin' good to pass up.  New band announcement from ex-AND Eccentric Agent guitarist Kili and drummer Suzune!  The band is called Liraizu and they look AWESOME!  They already have a six song EP called Secret Club planned for a November 27 release along with a handful of lives and a whole slew of instore events, so make sure to have a listen and check their homepage for more info.

And that's the Quickie.  Rock on.