Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fashion Fraction: Focus On [Lolita] -Part 2-

Hello all you fashionistas following Project: Lixx.

Now it's time for the final part of this Focus On [Lolita].

In the first section, I brought up the big genres in the lolita field and some of the brands that fall under them- along with some photos from fans. In this section, we're going to talk about some of the other types of Lolita.

These types may not be as popular as the first section of genres but they are still a vibrant part of the lolita fashion community. Sadly, I did not receive any examples from the readers so I will be sourcing photos from Google Images. If you find an image that was used wrongly or if you are the creator and would like it removed from the article, please let me know and I will get to it ASAP.

With that said- let's talk about Country/Casual/Sailor, Ero/Guro, Punk, and Qi lolita.

Country/Casual/Sailor - Country, Casual, and Sailor lolita are more on your end of general casual. Country lolita mixes a lot of what you would expect- country associated themes such as cowboy boots, wide brimmed hats, simplistic designs etc. Many of the time the patterns of the dresses are floral and accessories will also include flowers and woven baskets or large purses. Casual has the basic implication of simplicity as well while Sailor indicates school-girl themed (most of the time referring to the traditional sailor collar). Examples of brands that cater to country, casual and sailor lolita are Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose temps de fille, and Innocent World. (Sailor lolita example to the left and Casual lolita example to the right; both via Pinterest)

Ero/Guro/Punk - I decided to combine Ero, Guro, and Punk since they tend to cross over into each other a lot. Ero-Guro is also part of the Visual Kei world and is shortened for 'erotic grotesque'- typically showcasing blood, disfiguration, and the macabre in a fashionable way. Ero, in itself, is eroticism and, in the lolita world, seems to go against the basics of traditional lolita (that is, if you aren't thinking of the book- Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov); it's where the skirts are shorter (sometimes not even there and replaced with just short bloomers) and the themes are more mature and risque. And Punk is exactly what people associate- punk influences from the underground start in London to the twists it has taken today. Famous Japanese rock performer, Nana Kitade (right) is often wearing punk lolita fashions. Examples of brands that cater to ero/guro and punk lolita are PUTUMAYO, h.Naoto, Black Peace Now, etc. Much of Guro lolita is handmade and/or modified from found items of other brands or even thrift stores. (Guro Lolita above from Kerli's Buzznet page; Nana Kitade right via fotolog)

via Pinterest
Qi - This type of lolita is very similar to the Wa lolita... except it's inspiration and origins come from the traditional fashions from China. The Qipao is the basis inspiration for this genre (as seen derived in the name) and many view this type of lolita as "special occasion" or even a cosplay type of fashion. A brand that can cater to Qi lolita is Metamorphose temps de filles- however, it is not so easy to find major brands that specialize in this kind of subgenre of Lolita... so most can be made, thrifted, or found on brands such as Bodyline.

And that is your final part to our Fashion Fraction: Focus On... LOLITA!

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The next Focus On... topic will be posted on OCTOBER 28~! And it will be covering Visual Kei and it's main subgenres: Angura Kei (eroguro/chikashitsu), Kote Kei, Tanbi Kei, Nagoya Kei, Neo-Visual, and Soft Visual.

So please send in your personal Visual Kei fashion and the subgenre tag you want it placed in! I need all entries by October 25.

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