Monday, 1 September 2014

Schwarz Stein Fan Project for Anime USA!

Our friends over at Kaya Addicts US are creating a message book to give to Schwarz Stein to commemorate their first US appearance! 

Of course these projects work best when filled with love and support from all their fans! So check out the details below and get your messages sent in!

Also, be sure to get your pass for Anime USA to check them out live October 4! Don't miss out ;)

"Hey guys!

We decided to make a little present to give to Schwarz Stein at Anime USA! But we cant do it with out!

What you need to do:
Send us messages to put in a book we will give to Schwarz Stein at Anime USA! It can be anything from written messages to pictures, or both if you want!!

Entries must be sent in by September 20th!!!
You can send them here via PM, or you can email them to me at:

We cant wait to see what you guys come up with!!"