Thursday, 25 September 2014

LIVE REPORT: Shonen Knife at The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto. Sept. 20, 2014.

 Shonen Knife is a band that should be on everyone's 'to-see' list. With over 3 decades of music and stage performance behind them, you may come in with a set of expectations, but you'll leave with an experience that's outclassed by none.

 The Silver Dollar Room is a venue which places the stage in the middle of a deep room, facing into the bar, offset by 2 live-streaming TV's at either end. Taking to the stage Naoko, Ritsuko, and Emi were met with the cheers of a sold out crowd. Though I could not see the ends of the bar for the fans, I'm sure not an eye was turned away from that stage, and it remained that way the entire night.

Straight to energy, opening with Banana Chips and followed shortly therein by favorites such as Pop Tune and Bad Luck Song, the tone was set and the pace only breaking us in.

Naoko led the trio through the night, her strong, yet playful vocals, bringing us her love of music thoroughly infused with a passion for life and food, accompanied by fingers deftly plucking away at a silver guitar full of glitter.

Ritsuko to my left, caught between sharing her lyrics with the crowd and rocking to the beat, her hair a constant sea of motion, the 'hair dance'.

Behind the two, but with a presence that brings her just as much to stage front, Emi delivers the drive, the beat of Shonen Knife. An ever-expressive face, she promises to take you forward without ever looking back.

One of the most fun bands I have ever had the pleasure to seeing live, Shonen Knife delivers their own brand of Rock: no pretense, no props, just honest, true, fun rock & roll.

Delivering a 17 song performance, with the briefest intermission I've ever experienced before encore, these girls know how to make your night. Be sure to come check them out on their 2014 Overdrive North American tour. This isn't a show to miss!

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