Monday, 1 September 2014

The Weekly Quickie: BUCK TICK, PIERROT, D, Kiryu

BUCK TICK will be releasing their first limited live CD through Tower Records.  The release will include two discs and 23 songs from their sold out live at Shibuya Public Hall on 7/31.  The album releases Oct 22, comes in at 3300yen and is only available through Tower Records, so make sure to head over there and pick it up.

Speaking of old-school rockers, PIERROT has announced the release of a best-of album on Oct 22.  Titled [HELLO COMPLETE SINGLES AND PV COLLECTION], the release will include two cds and 22 songs and a DVD including 19 (holy cow!) PVs spanning their career.  You may remember the announcement of their reformation back in April.  This release comes just in time for their first shows since 2006.

Okay, I'm about to lay a real bummer on you.  Melodic metal rockers, D, have announced they will be going on haitus.  I KNOW!  You can probably hear me crying from there.  They announced at their live at Akasaka BLITZ that they will be going on hiatus following their fanclub live on December 22.  They will be taking time off to allow vocalist, Asagi, time to recover from temporomandibular disorder, a problem that effects the joints of the jaw.  But, before they go, they will release a new full length album, titled KINGDOM.  No details as of yet on the release, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.  In the mean time, we hope for a quick and easy recovery for Asagi.

How about a super cool DVD release to cheer you up.  Kiryu is set to release their latest DVD, Kiryu Tandoku Jungyou Senshuraku Niya Renjitsu Koen Sekkaranrin - 2014 Zepp Diver City (okay, that took me like half an hour to type out), on Sept 17.  The DVD includes the second day of their two day performance at Zepp Diver City on January 19.  At 6200yen, it is definitely worth a pick up.
Also they will be livestreaming their concert from Tokyo Dome City Hall, September 06,2014 (Saturday). It opens: 25:50 and starts: 26:00 JST. You can tune in here:, don't forget to register!

And that's the Quickie.  **sniffle**