Thursday, 5 June 2014

Shibuya Crossing Episode 028 LIVE Friday June 6th!

On the June 6th edition of Shibuya Crossing we're taking you on a express train adventure from Montreal to Toronto, then to Tokyo - and finally around the world!

On our lineup: the complete sit-down interview with Visual Kei rock stars DaizyStripper and Rose Noire courtesy of J-Rock North Promotions and CJLO. They were the musical guest for the city's Japanese Pop Culture convention, Anime North in May of this year.

We also have a mini-feature on Montreal's very first Harajuku walk that happened in early June. We speak to one of the co-organizers of this unique outdoor event and learn more about Japanese street fashion, its origins and its influence on pop culture.  

Taking it a little more back home, we play a few tracks showcasing the music of Dir en Grey. This band has been a consistent guest in the Canadian rock music scene. We finish our Artist Spotlight series on this ever-evolving band. 

Also this week: new music releases, a notable artist request, a setlist drawn from Toronto's fame as a destination city for many J-Music acts, and a track we're playing that's related to rainbows. 

That and more this week on Shibuya Crossing - Japanese rock music - and pop culture gone global. Catch the live edition Friday, June 6th at 9am EST on and at 1690AM in Montreal. 

You can also catch the full episode in streaming audio the same day by 9pm EST (UTC-4) on the Episode Archives section of our home page

This week, we will also post all of the segments of this edition at once on our Tumblr page: