Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Get Nerdy with Me! Nerd Fest Orlando 2014


I once tried to describe Nerd Core to a coworker of mine and she responded with, “That's a thing?”.

Yes, it's a thing. A wonderful, glorious and supremely dorky thing. A thing that tickles our inner otaku and celebrates geeks. A thing that allows gamers, anime fans and role-players to come together and revel in the things that might otherwise bring them ridicule. A thing that let's them know that someone else gets the joke.

So, how do you promote such a grand and mighty thing? With a festival all its own of course, and Nerd Fest Orlando aims to do just that. Proclaimed as 'more than a festival, more than a con,' Nerd Fest celebrates every aspect of nerd culture from gaming to fashion to, you guessed it, Nerd Core. With a seriously impressive lineup, Nerd Fest promises to deliver five days of geeky goodness in whatever style suits your fancy. Be it the nouveau-classical rock of Earthbound Papas, the hip-hop stylings of MC Frontalot, or the flashy Visual Kei showmanship of ViViD. Are panels more your thing? They've got those too, featuring some of the top artists in the Nerd Core community.

Nerd Fest Orlando will be held at the Orlando Airport Marriott August 7-11 and tickets for the whole shebang are only $50. Check out their website for full artist listings. The lineup is seriously hot and you can bet I'll be there to cover as much as humanly possible. And I may or may not be dressed as this guy:

So, pull out your cyber locks, dust off that paper mache sword and come get nerdy with me!

- Kort

Orlando Nerd Fest 2014
August 7th-11th, 2014
The Orlando Airport Marriott
7499 Augusta National Drive
Orlando, Fl 32822

Ticket prices:
3-Day Weekend Pass - $50

Thurs (Pre-Party) - Free!
Friday Pass - $20
Saturday Pass - $30
Sunday Pass - $15
Mon (Day After Show) - Free!