Sunday, 15 June 2014

Live Report: Rose Noire At Anime North

Rose Noire was the first of 2 bands slotted for the Saturday night concert, a promise of very good things to come. Having the arguably daunting task of being the opening act, Louie and Jill showed us what this sibling duo is truly made of. 

Present for opening ceremonies, Louie strode a top the stage with the utmost confidence, Jill right behind with an elegance I wish I had. Confidence is a word you may see a lot from me in this report, as Louie truly portrayed this thoroughly. Engaging the crowd and not settling for a poor response, Rose Noire made their mark on Anime North. 

As the intro music played, the crowd started their cheers, a few chaotic rounds of clapping rhythms and the band made their entrance. 

Jill came out first, the fans shouts increased and anticipation grew. Louie entered the stage and the level rose even further bringing an almost smug look to his face. As the intro changed into the support track for their first song, their demeanor changed from that of basking, to intensity. 

The skill of Rose Noire was evident as both siblings took to their violins as though they were merely extensions of themselves. We were taken through a maze of elaborate and engaging songs that would lift you into a frenzy before soothing your melancholy thoughts.  

Louie is a crowd flirt. I mean, bands flirt with crowds all the time, but Louie is right down, eye to eye and you could literally hear every girl he gazed upon swoon and squeal with delight. And though I have never been a huge fan of his recorded vocals, in person they take on an ethereal quality that combined with his persona, make him every bit the fantasy vampire you hope will swoop down in the night and take you away. 

Not to be outdone by her charming brother, Jill dances across the stage engulfed by melody, also setting her eyes upon the group. She floats from one end of the stage to the other seemingly lost in her music, yet completely connected to everyone around her. 

During the set Louie spoke to the crowd while looking for the next background track to play. Commenting, 'no, not this one' then gesturing towards Jill he states 'play something'. And after a little back and forth banter Jill plays through a few game tunes, the crowd's reaction immediate at hearing some of their favorites.

As the set drew to a close, Rose Noire drove the energy up even further, playing a very lively number. Even though we thought we might not have much energy left in us, we quickly found that we did. 

As the band said their good-byes, cheers rose up from the crowd, a feeling not enough mutual among the fans. Chants began, and even though not common for the first band on stage, we were treated to an encore!

Energy ramped ever higher as Jill and Louie proved that they still had plenty left to give and the crowd gave everything they had.

After the concert, fans eagerly lined up for an autograph session, buying what was left of the bands merchandise for chance to bring home even more memories of an enchanting evening. 

Sunday, just after lunch we were treated to one more appearance by the band at the fan Q&A session. In conjunction with DaizyStripper, fans had the chance to ask the bands whatever they had on their minds. Some laughs and a few stories later, we head to the last autograph session where fans had the opportunity to thank the bands one last time before their return to Japan.

After 2 successful shows, first at Otafest, then here at Anime North I am certain we will see them here again! 

Thank you to J-rock North Promotions, Darkest Labyrinth and of course Rose Noire for a fantastic weekend!

- Lizz