Sunday, 8 June 2014

Live Report: DaizyStripper At Anime North

No matter how much I write in this report, nothing will convey truly my excitement of seeing DaizyStripper live for the second time here in Canada. This band has my heart.

Fans had their first opportunity to see the band at opening ceremonies Friday afternoon. Sadly I don't think too many fans were there. I was caught between wanting to scream, and realizing I had the camera a few inches from my face and not wanting to drown out the audio. That however takes nothing from the fact that the guys looked great and my excitement for the weekend only grew. 

Saturday. There are not enough words in this crazy English language to describe what was Saturday. Rose Noire finished with an encore that had the crowd high and energized. They were eager, alive and hungry for more. 

As the intro audio kicked in and the hush of 'Daizy...Stripper' was played the crowd became alive and screams and chants were vocalized as the members set foot on stage.

Kazami took to the stage first, engaging the crowd while pacing back and forth like a caged tiger. Satisfied with the response he took his place as Rei then fronted the stage. The screams grew louder as Rei goaded the crowd and encouraged them to grow in range to almost inaudible ranges. Nao then made his appearance, teasing and flirting with the crowd before Yugiri emerged. Yugiri then taking over where Kazami had left off, soaring chants ever higher before diving into one of their singles from the past year, Derringer

The energy continued through MISSING and uso to kagerou which was incredible live - though I partly wish I could have seen Rei play it on the vertical bass! The crowds energy only ever increasing, I have never heard such a consistent roar! 

At this point, though we were screaming for more, Yugiri gave his first MC. Though limited with his English, he spoke of the band, the music that is him; DaizyStripper is his everything. And given recent band changes, it only spoke that much more. After baring his heart to the crowd we were treated to their latest single G.Z.S.K.K. If you haven't picked it up yet, you need to!

We were driven into a frenzy as the band continued relentless through the height of the live. Yugiri ever engaging the crowd, while Rei constantly up front calling the fans towards them as we were crushed into the rhythm of the songs. The crowd was enthralled, unified in their surges and the head banging was non-stop. Nothing ruins a live more than a poor crowd, but the fans were fantastic. This was definitely one of my favorite crowds to be a part of. 

All too soon we reached the second MC, and Yugiri gave the crowd props, while telling us that they will be back, so long as there are fans. And that this is not good-bye, but "HELLO, again" completing their inclusion of the 5 singles released last year. 

As the song closed, the band was greeted with the cries of the fans yearning for more, all in agreeance that it was over far too soon. As they left the stage, we cheered, chanted and thundered our support and desire for 'one more song'. A short interlude later and DaizyStripper took the stage once more, the crowd's energy seemingly not depleted in the slightest, feeding the band ever higher. Though my memory has failed to provide me which track they played, the enjoyment I will never forget. The fans were electric, the band exhausted but glowing. Yugiri took flight as he dove into the crowd, followed shortly by Kazami, both delivered safely back to the stage.

After completing an autograph session right after their live Saturday night, some rest and warm sunshine brought us Sunday afternoon. The fan Q&A panel was held just after lunch, though the line to attend started well in advance. Not held in the usual conference room, we were sent into a room that sadly was not the ideal set up to allow all fans a good view of the bands at the table. That said, everyone did fit inside the room, and all had an opportunity to ask the band their question. 

As the convention had only allotted an hour for the Q&A, the autograph session following was held in a communal area of the hotel. Thankfully time allowed all fans who wanted to get their merchandise signed by the bands the ability to do so. 

Lizz with DaizyStripper

At the end of the session, a banner prepared by some fans was presented to the band. Filled with sentiment and wishes, and certain to convey our desire to see them live here again! I know I and many others look forward to their return to Canada!

Stephen Echavia/JNP
Thank you to J-rock North Promotions, Beyond-MAX and of course DaizyStripper for a fantastic weekend!

- Lizz

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