Monday, 9 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: Lycaon, Serah, SPELL BOX, AvelCain, Memento Mori, DIV, 5572320

Prepare yourselves, folks.  This was a week of sucks.  We'll start with the one that hit me the hardest, the disbandment of Lycaon.  This is a band that seemed like it was in it for the long haul.  They've been together seven years and seemed only on their way up, but they've decided they will disband after their live at Akasaka BLITZ on November 7.  The reasoning they've given is rather vague, saying simply 'this and that,' but they will work hard until the end and look forward to your support for their final one-man tour.

Next up, Serah has announced they will disband after their sponsored live on April 27 citing personal circumstances.  All lives scheduled for after the break up have NOT been canceled, however, and will be replaced with member sessions and other appearances.  That should be interesting. 

Yet another disbandment set for April, SPELL BOX will call it quits after their live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on April 19.  This band has seen its share of troubles but, while the breakup doesn't come as that much of a surprise, it still sucks. 

A bit of scary news for AvelCain.  It seems bassist, Zen, has had to bow out of a few appearances recently due to poor health.  Their official statement gives no definite timeframe for Zen's absence, but only that ex-Lycaon bassist, Mio, will play as support until his return and all appearances will take place as scheduled.  Hopefully we will see him back soon.

Let's get back to some good news, shall we?  How about a release from the graveyard...sort of.  Memento Mori have announced the DVD release of their last live, "Heigyou Tandoku Koen Ichibu 'Onamidachoudai, Wakare Uta ni Shuuen no Gi,'" on April 1.  Memento Mori has since reformed as the wonderfully dark Kuroyuri to Kage, but if you haven't seen them as Memento Mori, I highly suggest picking up this DVD.  They are something else.

And, something I find interesting in the way of trends.  DIV recently released not one, but two PVs on YouTube with English subtitles.  Now, maybe it's just me and my wishful thinking, but it sure seems like VK bands and Japanese bands in general are making more of an effort to reach out to their foreign fans.  Subtitled videos and interviews, translated websites, and even English communication via social media like Twitter seem to be on the increase.  Is this a sign of cool things to come?  I sure hope so!

We'll finish this one up with a rather interesting new band alert.  An all-girl group called 5572320 (pronounced 'go go nana ni san ni rei) has popped up with a rocking new video and a whole bunch of quirk.  Not only do they sport an unconventional lineup (three drums and five guitars), they are also hiding their identities behind clever camera cuts and black mops.  Speculation is they are a popular idol group in disguise, but your guess is as good as mine.  Check them out!

And, that's the Quickie.  Next week, SUCK LESS!  :P