Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Shibuya Crossing Episode's 049 x 050: Memories

[049 x 050: Memories] Thanks for your feedback in last week's online poll. Enjoyed reading your answers so much that we thought of doing it again, so here we go:

VOX POP - What was the first J-Music song that you first remember listening to? What kind of memories does it bring back? It can be from an anime, TV, film, fashion, anything goes!

We're fast approaching our 50th consecutive episode here at Shibuya Crossing on CJLO 1690AM. Still don't know how we're going to commemorate it, but if you have any suggestions or ideas, please pass them along!

Wednesday's from 2 to 4pm EST (UTC-5) on CJLO. Online, on demand, and on the AM radio in Montreal at 1690AM.

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690