Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Infuzzion Episode 8: Airing March 21st!

If you weren't out celebrating this past weekend, or tonight, then be sure to join us this Saturday for a special 'party' episode of Infuzzion! And of course, if you're still going strong, you join us too ;)

This month we've picked our favorite high-energy, pick-me-up, go-all-night tracks. I can assure you, it's 2 solid hours of awesome. But, it's not a party without friends, so we want you there! 

Join us Saturday, March 21st, 9-11PM EST (GMT - 4*)
*Note the time change! 
Tune in HERE!

Chat with us on twitter during the broadcast using #jrockradio!
(And free stuff, don't miss the free stuff!)