Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Japan Nite Artist Introductions Round 8: Mahoshojo ni naritai

A self-proclaimed "no-genre band," Mahoshojo ni naritai is dripping with nerd-core goodness.  With a sound straight out of an old-school video game, the synth backdrop and effected vocals make you feel like you're adventuring with Zelda or defeating evil mages in Final Fantasty I.  Even navigating their OHP feels like a video game.  Check them out after the break.

Band Name:  Mahoshojo-ni-naritai

KAJI BASIL (vocal)
gari (VJ/vocal)
MEIJIsan (guitar)
Ui Viton (guitar)
ADULT YUkun (bass)

1. Introductions:  Describe you band in ten words or less 
We are a Japanese RPG rock band

2. Favorites:  What is the one thing you can’t live without? 
Pictures, Movie and MP ( Magic Point)   

What do you have to have with you when you travel?   
A flu mask 

Would you turn around and go back if you realized you forgot it?  
Sketch Book 

3. Influences:  What are your major musical influences? 
Nothing in particular

What is the first CD/tape/record you ever bought? 
Roman Hiko by Kome Kome Club

Is there any one song or one record that made you look at your life differently? 
It was  Roman Hiko (Kome Kome Club).  It has changed my life and still has influence to our band.

4. Food:  What is your favorite food?    

Is there anything you are excited to eat or try during your trip to the US?
I would love to go to Japanese restaurants in America. 

5.Past:  How did your band get together and what were you like when you first started? 
When we formed this band, it’s like we could be broken up with everybody’s widely varying opinions on every matter because of the difference of our ages.  

7. Present:  How has your band changed or evolved from the beginning? 
We have more and more time together to do thing as a band and now forget to think about breaking up.

8.Future:  What are your plans and hopes for the future? 
Our plan is performing at Tokyo Olympic…..

9. Survivor:  If you were going to be dropped on a desert island and could only bring one book, one movie and one music album with you, what would you bring? 
I would bring a book, since no electricity there.  

10. Last words:  Why should we come see your band?  What message would you like to give to your current and potential fans?’ 
We would like to tell the world Mahoshosho-ni-naritai is going to be a Japan’s new culture and we are looking forward to meeting new fans in the USA.

Special thanks to Adult Yu Kun of Mahoshojo-ni-naritai and Audrey Kimura of Benten.


March 20

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