Monday, 6 October 2014

The Weekly Quickie: My Bacteria Heat Island, GRIEVA, QuaLiA, DEATHGAZE, D.I.D., ViViD

We have a mystery this week, folks.  I took a visit to My Bacteria Heat Island's homepage and....countdown?  No clues as to what it means, but boy does it have me excited.  If you aren't familiar with My Bacteria Heat Island, it is the new band fronted by ex-Chemical Pictures vocalist, Tenten and it is....REALLY good so, needless to say, I can't wait to see what surprise they have in store for us.

This, unfortunately, has been a week of sucks, so I'll try to start you off easy.  My favorite 90's Dir en grey clones, GREIVA, recently announced that their drummer, Rui, will be retiring from the band for personal reasons.  He will be departing after their live on November 8. 

Some bands just aren't meant to be and it seems newcomers, QuaLiA, is one of them.  After not even a full year of activity, they have announced they will be calling it quits after their last live on January 28.  Judging by guitarist, Ryo's comments, it seems irreconcilable differences are to blame for this one and the group just simply can't work together.  Drummer Minoru has decided to quit the music business entirely.  As for the others, hopefully we'll see them again in a group that suits them better.

Now, this next one really hurts my heart.  Nagoya-kei band DEATHGAZE has announced they will go on indefinite hiatus after their live on December 23 (My birthday!  How rude!).  The band states that they simply feel they have done all they can do together and feel unable to move forward as they are.  The statement sounds more like a breakup than a hiatus, but we're hoping for the best.

Okay, back to the good stuff.  Remember last week when I reported D.I.D.'s tentative return to activity?  Well, at their live just a few days ago, they announced an official lift of their hiatus and a full return with Akane!  This is great news and I hope it means that Akane has found some relief from the troubles that have plagued him.  We will keep you posted on news of any new releases as it becomes available.

Cool news for fans of ViViD:  The band announced this week they they will be making their debut in Mexico with their one-man live in Mexico City on December 3.  They will be performing at Blackberry MEXICO CITY and tickets are available at Ticketmaster Mexico, so go get 'em!

And that's the Quickie.  La dee da....