Monday, 20 October 2014

The Weekly Quickie: Liraizo, Mix Speaker's, Inc., Gackt, Avanchik, Miyavi

And it starts. Brand spanking new band Liraizo is holding their first ever live internet broadcast, Liraizo Himitsu Housou Club, on October 30.  In case you missed it, Liraizo is a new project made up of ex-AND Eccentric Agent guitarist Kili and drummer Suzune, ex-Screw bassist Yuutoman, ex-Mix Speaker's vocalist Yuki and ex-Circus guitarist Toma.  The broadcast will air on Music Japan Plus starting at 20:00 JST and is sure to full of fun stuff, so set your alarms (that's really effin early in the morning where I am) and check it out.

Speaking of Mix Speaker's, Inc. (kind of), guess who got a new vocalist!  It's just been announced that ex-MoNoLith vocalist, Keita, will be joining the ranks as their second vocalist.  I can hear our fearless leader, Lizz, jumping for joy.  Now going by the name NIKA, he will officially debut at their live on December 7. 

As if Gackt couldn't get any cheesier (I mean, seriously, did you see that body pillow?), he has just released his own dating sim game inspired by his song, PS I LOVE U.  The ap, available both on iTunes and Google Play, features Gackt himself and has fifteen available storylines which vary depending on your choices in the game.  So...that's cool...I guess.

Bad news for fans of Avanchik.  It seems guitarist Yoshito has suddenly decided to break with the band.  Judging by members comments, kindly translated by our friends over at Shattered Tranquility, it looks like Yoshito just didn't have the skill or drive to keep up with the rest of the members and thought it best to just walk away.  His departure is effective immediately and Avanchik will continue as a four-member band from here on.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Check out the latest trailer for Miyavi's upcoming film, Unbroken.  This trailer reveals a little more of his intense performance as the horrible POW prison guard known only as 'The Bird."  Unbroken hits theaters in the US on December 26.

And that's the Quickie.  Hasta.