Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Dan's Pick "Boris"

 So I feel quite awful about missing last month. It snuck up on me!!! I'm not going to feed you a bunch of excuses, though. I'm just going to feed you some pretty stellar music. 

This month I offer to you, Boris! I'm sure a good number of you have heard of them, but if you haven't you may be in for a good treat. 

Boris (ボリス) is a experimental, noise, sludge, psychedelic, doom, noise, black metal band out of Tokyo. Formed in the early 90's, the band started out as a four piece. However, now they are a three piece heavy behemoth consisting of

Atsuo: Vox/Drums
Wata: Vox/Guitar/Keyboard
Takeshi: Vox/Bass/Guitar

I first came across this group from Adult Swim's metal compilation. I'll admit... When I first heard the song I was a little unsure. Just how open it sounded, so atmospheric, and the drumming and guitars... something about it put me off. Then, what I wanted in my metal was just pure heavy, in your face, angry metal. At the same time, though, I was really drawn to it. Now I'm glad I gave them a chance. 

This song is called "Luna" which and comes off their 2011 release "New Record" or off of "Metal Swim", Adult Swim's metal compilation. I think what's most captivating to me about this song are the vocals. They're so angelic and echo-y it really sets the song. Then there are the towering walls of reverbed riffage coming from most of the guitars, but there's also this guitar lead under all the heaviness that flows through the whole song. Like a silver lining amongst a dark cloud of metal. It's just gawwwjuss. I don't really hear much from the bass, and the drums are very rapid and repetitive. But that's to be expected from a song like this.

So without further adieu, here is "Luna"!

Noise / BORIS