Monday, 11 August 2014

The Weekly Quickie: HONE YOUR SENSE, Dir en grey, NIGHTMARE, ADAMS,Gazette

Hey, Nocturnal Bloodlust fans.  Remember that other drummer, Gaku?  Guess what he's up to.  He's joined up with melodic metal band Hone Your Sense.  I just took a listen and NocuBura fans are sure to love this.  Check out the PV for Black Lotus and pick up their new album, Absolute Senses, just released July 9.

Just in time for Christmas, Dir en grey has announced a new full length album and winter tour.  The album, called ARCHE, releases December 10.  The tour, called By the Grace of God, starts at Club Citta in November and will take them all over Japan through the beginning of the year.

Due to a last minute date change, NIGHTMARE has been forced to cancel their appearance at GOYANG ROCK & FESTIVAL in Korea.  The festival was originally to be held 8/8-8/11, but was unexpectedly moved to 8/29-8/31 without prior notification.  NIGHTMARE apologizes to the fans that were looking forward to seeing them.

BL-themed pop duo ADAMS has announced their appearance at J'Fest in Mexico City! The festival will take place November 22-23 following the release of their latest single, Akisame, in September.  This single will be their last in the jpop/jrock genre as they gear up to move into a fully electronic sound.  Should be....interesting.

So, I suppose this is news.  The Gazette's Reita is now on Twitter!  Though, he says we're not allowed to have any expectations because he doesn't know how long he'll keep it up.  As I'm writing this, his account has been up less than a day, already has over 30,000 followers and the first thing he tweeted was a picture of his crotch.  Go figure.

And that's the Quickie.  OyasumizzZZZzzz....