Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shibuya Crossing Episode 039 LIVE Wednesday August 13!

Fresh Fruits, delightful Sweets, and a mixed bag of melodic treats await you on the next episode of Shibuya Crossing. 

Following last week’s rock and roll journey through our vault of diverse tunes on Episode 38 - we annotate that trip with a unpredictable delightful mix that’s akin to a summer dessert. Somewhat fitting for an afternoon in August. 

On Episode 39, we kick off our show with a melodic monotone mix of tracks to get you in the mood - with music from Ishige Akira, Plastic Tree, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. We catch up on what’s happening on what has been a very busy couple of weeks in the world of J-Music. Plus our Artist Spotlight features not only one - but a combination of three artists from the fledgling Oshare Kei sub-genre.  

And be sure to tune in next week too as we count down to our Season Finale on August 20th, as we switch gears and play the the best ethereal and emotionally inducing J-Rock ballads out there. If you got any tips, you know where to find us. 

But for now, keep it locked in! A lovely bowl of dessert is coming up on the next Shibuya Crossing. From CJLO 1690AM. 

Wednesday, August 13th at 1pm EST at CJLO.com (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm On Demand at http://cjlo.com/?q=shows/shibuya-crossing.
Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690