Friday, 15 August 2014

Dan's Pick "コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)"

コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)

    Formed in 2010, this band has been slowly gaining a little more popularity. You may have heard about these guys, since they share a record label and play shows with 己龍 and RoyZ.

Band memberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs:
Vox: Hayato
Guitar: Kana
Guitar: Yume
Bass: meN-meN
Drums: Chamu

    VIPER!!! I'm pretty stoked with this song. Boy howdy is it a few steps up since Nepenthes and Right Evil, both singles off of Children's Dope.

     I love the way this song starts off. It fades in with meN-meN slapping some meeeeeeean bass, then bursts in with some poppy guitars (I especially love Yume's guitar here). Something I notice in this song already is the production is great. Nepenthes had some bad mixing I thought. The drums were reallly low in the mix. Not the case on Viper! Everything is mixed together well, but you can still zone in on any of the instruments.

   I'm also really enjoying Hayto's vocals in this song. Something about the way he sings on this track. That's probably what stuck out on this song the most for me, that or the bass. The bass is super heavy and very dirty sounding. Which is a good thing! The guitars are excellent. Love the riffs and the solo. And the drums are definitely improved here. All around a winner for me! I'm very much looking forward to what this group comes out with next.