Monday, 23 February 2015

The Weekly Quickie: VAMPS, Cradle, Destrose, The 3rd Birthday, Greiva, Scapegoat, Kerbera

As if we didn't have enough to look forward to from VAMPS, they recently announced at their VAMPARK FEST performance that they will be joining Nikki Sixx as support for his SIXX:AM Modern Vintage Tour.  The tour will consist of 12 stops starting in April and will take them all over the US.  We've already got the dates and ticketing information up on our Events calendar, so go check them out.  They have also announced that their latest album, BLOODSUCKERS, will get an international release this March.  It releases March 23 in the UK and March 24 in the US and Japan.  The digital release goes up March 25 and preorders have already started, so make sure to get yours.

Cradle has had a rough couple of weeks.  Their guitarist Loki recently decided to leave the group and, deciding that they can't go on after losing even a single member, Cradle has announced they will disband after their live at Hiroshima Namiki Junction in August.  In their official statement, they say that Loki wants to be honest about his reasons for leaving, but under the circumstances, feels that he should wait until after the disbandment, so please don't bother them with questions until then.  They will make their support guitarist Miya an official member, releasing a new single in June, but all tours and promotions originally planned around its release have been canceled.

Just brought to my attention today, Mina, guitarist of all-girl metal band Destrose, has decided to leave the band as of February 21 due to health reasons.  I don't have any other information for you at this time, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on it and let you know what's up.

Some positive news from The 3rd Birthday.  After the departure of their guitarist Yu-chi, it seems the group (such as it is) has decided to move all band activities to Tokyo.  Following the final for their "I am..." commemorative tour at Ikebukuro Ruido 3, they will officially move all activities to Tokyo.  This sounds like a starting over move to me which gives me some hope that they will rebuild and come back strong.  We will look forward to more good news from them in the future. 

So, here's a new one.  It seems the latest thing is to release consecutive singles two or three months in a row, but Greiva has taken it a step farther and announced the release of three singles IN ONE DAY!  Titled Zetsubou no Asa, Ayatsuri Ningen and Fake, the three releases will include an SE and one track and will release April 29.  Selling us a single one track at a time?  If this is the new thing, I am so not amused.

Scapegoat has finally announced the details of their new album.  Titled "Dekisokonai no Ringo", the album will release April 1 in two types.  The limited edition will include 11 tracks, a DVD including the PV and Making and a 12 page booklet while the regular will include 12 tracks and a 24 page booklet.  Check out the release calendar for the tracklist.

Swedish-based visual band Kerbera just announced a US tour with Design the Skyline and Vanity Strikes.  If you don't know Kerbera, you may recognize their frontman, SEIKE, from the popular Swedish visual band, Seremedy.  The band that spawned Yohio.  Is that a good thing?  I think that's supposed to be a good thing.  Anywho, check the page for a date near you and make sure to listen for me crying in envy.

And that's the Quickie.  Toodles.