Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dan's Pick "Galneryus"

Another month, another pick!

Galneryus is a power metal band formed in 2001 in OSAKA by guitarist Syu and former vocalist Masahiro "Yama-B" Yamaguchi.
Now comprised of; 
Masatoshi "Sho" Ono: vocals
Syu: guitar
Yuhki: keyboards
Taka: bass
Jun-Ichi: drums
this titan of a band churns out some incredible work. Specifically, my pick for this month is "Angel of Salvation" off of their highest charted album, "Angel of Salvation"

What can I say for this song that it doesn't say for itself? This classically inspired song is a blast of speed and beauty. Syu absolutely shreds!! I love all the mini solos, especially his main solo. It honestly sends shivers down my spine and seems like it won't end! Which I wouldn't be too sad if it didn't. The other members aren't shadowed by Syu's incredible playing, however. Throughout the whole song, the drums are on point and, for lack of a better word, awesome. I can't stop bouncing my leg or trying to mimic the double pedal. One thing that gives this song an extra kick is the classic strings that lace the song, especially in the intro. The vocals are also rad. Sho is super clean and has a great range. I feel like the keys could be a bit higher in the mix, and a bit more dynamic. They don't stand out to me as much as the rest of the instruments. But still brings something nice to the table. 

So enjoy this wondrous piece of power metal! And you should. If you like your metal fast and in your face this song is just for you. And me!!
- Dan