Saturday, 21 February 2015

Japan Nite Artist Introductions Round 5: ZARAGANI$

 ZARAGANI$ (pronounced ZARAGANI Dollar) is a high-energy girl rock duo that mixes punk, pop and all-out noise into something exciting and purely fun.  This group played at SXSW last year and had the whole crowd dancing.  Check out a clip from the performance as well as the full interview below the break.

Artist Name:   ZARIGANI$

Member name:

1. Introductions:  Describe you band in ten words or less (自分のバンドを短く説明して下さい。)
2 piece girls band which is bassist&vocal and drummer.
Genre is "alternative new wave rock".
It's a great two piece band with hidden infinity potential.

2. Favorites:  What is the one thing you can’t live without? (これ無しでは生きて行けないもの?)

What do you have to have with you when you travel?  (旅行の際、絶対持って行くもの)

What would you turn around and go back for if you realized you forgot it?(忘れたと気づいたら、取りに戻るもの)
Favorite CD

3. Influences:  What are your major musical influences?  (音楽でもっとも影響受けたのは?)
Lolita No.18 
What is the first CD/tape/record you ever bought? (始めたかったCDは?)

Is there any one song or one record that made you look at your life differently? (人生を変えた曲は?)

4. Food:  What is your favorite food?   (好きな食べ物)
Rice ball 

Is there anything you are excited to eat or try during your trip to the US?(アメリカで好きなもの?食べてみたいもの?)
Eggs Benedict

5.Past:  How did your band get together and what were you like when you first started?  (過去:結成のきっかけ。始めた当初はどんな感じだったか?)
We met at member recruitment.
It was a cute band. 

7. Present:  How has your band changed or evolved from the beginning? (現在:どうかわってきたか?)
Became roar and Happy band. 

8.Future:  What are your plans and hopes for the future? (未来:計画とか夢)
We have lives all over the world, want to be famous.

 9. Survivor:  If you were going to be dropped on a desert island and could only bring one book, one movie and one music album with you, what would you bring? (無人島に行く時、持って行く一冊の本、映画,CD)
Movie…「Big fish」
CD…I can't choose! 

10. Last words:  Why should we come see your band?  What message would you like to give to your current and potential fans?’  (アメリカのファン(これからファンになる可能性のある)へのメッセージ、自分たちにアピール)
ZARIGANI$ is very happy band.
Please feel our music.
Let's enjoy together!!

Special thanks to ZARAGANI$ and Audrey Kimura of Benten.


March 22, 2015
1551 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL

March 23
1978 Summit St, Columbus, Ohio 43201

March 24, 2015
361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

March 26, 2015 
New Earth Music Hall
227 W Dougherty St Athens, GA 30601