Monday, 12 May 2014

The Weekly Quickie: D'espairsRay, G.L.A.M.S., Royz, DIV

I'm not ashamed.  I admit it.  When I read this bit of news, I literally screamed.  For the first time since their breakup in 2011, neu-metal rockers D'espairsRay will be once again hitting the stage.  They will be playing Angelo Presents 「THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA」 on 7/29 at Zepp Diver City.  D'espairsRay broke up in 2011 after a long haitus due to vocalist Hizumi's throat condition and he says he's still not at 100%, but is excited to be performing with D'espairsRay again and will do his best to put on a great show.  They will be joined by Angelo, RIZE, Lynch and FAKE?.  Here's hoping for a DVD.

That Mikaru is a busy busy boy.  Hard on the heels of Blackline's return to action, vocalist Mikaru's solo project, G.L.A.M.S. has announced the release of an EP, titled Under the Moon, and a European tour.  The EP had no release date as of yet, but I expect it will coincide with his tour which starts in June.

Sad news for Royz fans.  It has been announced that guitarist Kazuki will be leaving Royz in order to help care for his sick mother.  While the news comes as a shock, I'm sure we can all respect his decision to put his family first and do what is needed in this tough situation.  You can find a translation of Kazuki comment on Music Japan Plus.  Kazuki will leave after their live at Akasaka BLITZ on 6/11 and Royz will continue on as a four-member band.  We wish Kazuki all the best and maybe one day he will return.

And, since I hate to end on a downer, check the new DIV PV!

And, that's the quickie. Bye bye, my lovelies!