Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dan's Pick: ''オワリカラ (OWARIKARA)''

It's the 15th! That means it's round two of Dan's Pick! 

   This month, I'd like to show you オワリカラ (OWARIKARA). 

   Formed in 2008, in Japan (Duh, I just couldn't find out where, exactly) they bring lots of indie influences, pop rock, and a little funk influence to this wonderful table of music they create. 

   They, of course, being:  Takahashi Hyouri (vocals, guitar), Kameda Taku (keys), Tsuda Fumihiko (bass), and Kawana Kenta (drums).

   Whether it be a PV or live performance, they put out the same level of energy in both. And from what I've seen, is a lot. A lot a lot. I mean like 7 Red Bulls a lot. I would love to see this group live. I can only assume it would be a blast. 

   Much like last month's pick, this isn't the first song I heard from this band. But it's hard choosing a song you want to share with people when you like so many of their songs! However, I chose one from their most recent album. I don't have much to say about it, other than it's just an all around good ass song. Funky dynamic bass, techy drumming, funky guitar, awesome vocals, and a bopping keyboard. 
I present 踊るロールシャッハ (Odoru Rorschach).

I'll also post a live video of this song so you can witness the lively and dynamic performance they put on. 


Saihate Songs / Owarikara

Check them out online at their official links below: