Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shibuya Crossing Episode 027 LIVE Friday May 30th!

Straight from the host Sat Delos Angeles!

[Episode 027] On Friday, May 30th, Shibuya Crossing is back with an all-new episode! Big news and big music up ahead! Our line-up so far:

- A preview of our interview with DaizyStripper and Rose Noire at Anime North 2014 thanks to J-Rock North and CJLO! We're devoting the entire full episode to these bands next Friday, June 6th!

- A Live Report from the May 19th Montreal show of Next Music from Tokyo featuring Jizue, Uchuu Conbini, Happy!Mari, Kinoko Teikoku and nayuta!

- We have a two-part Artist Spotlight on the music surrounding Dir en grey. Part one will be on the members of Sukekiyo (ENTRER EN SOI, kannivalism, 9GOATS BLACK OUT and of course, Dir en grey).

- In anticipation of their Canadian shows this summer, we're also sampling the music from MAN WITH A MISSION (playing in Toronto) and BABYMETAL (playing in Montreal)!

All that and more as Episode 27 kicks off live from 9 to 10am EST on CJLO. Check below how you can listen!

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