Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hey, Do You Know: DADAROMA?

This weeks band was suggested to me by one of our staff. This band has completely shattered my expectation in music, they are insanely amazing. They have completely blown my mind; this has not happened in a long time. So let me introduce you to the band that has accomplished this: DADAROMA!! You may recognize some of the members.

I really love Yoshiatsu's vocal range, it's very impressive. So far I LOVE everything on their YouTube channel, there's noway I can choose just one song. I LOVE how hardcore they go in their pv, it just makes me want to wild and head bang along with them. They just had their first anniversary one man live on Jan 11. Watch their OHP for more coming up! You guys DEFINITELY need to check this band out, they're so worth it!

Birthday 5/20
Blood type A

Birth 3/16
Blood type A


Birth 1/30
Blood type

Birth 7/27
Blood type A

DADAROMA「溺れる魚」Official MV

DADAROMA「MONEY 試聴」Official Music

Official Website