Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dan's Pick "Royz"

So, all December I had no internet... Hence the lack of last month's pick. 
I hope this makes up for it, though!

For this month's pick, I've chosen Royz' new release, Supernova!! And for good reason.
This is a fun, poppy blast of energy and flashiness in typical Royz fashion. I can't even choose which aspect of this song I like most, because I enjoy every part of it so much! The guitars, bass, drums, vocals, GANG VOCALS, the whole shebang. I do like the variety in the song. For example, the way it goes from the spacey, pop style into a faster, heavier bit, then into a pop-punk part. It is definitely my favorite song since Lilia. I feel like they just keep getting better and better with each new song. 

There is one thing that bums me out about this song:  it's their first release without their other guitarist, Kazuki. Kazuki and the band announced his departure in May of 2014, when Kazuki chose to leave to take care of his mother. Royz as a band isn't a stranger to being a 4 piece, however. They started with just Subaru (vocals), Kazuki (guitar), Koudai (bass), and Tomoya (drums) in 2009. Then in 2010, Kuina (guitar) joined making them a 5 piece band. They had agreed that if one were to leave the band, Royz would separate. But thankfully, Subaru, Kuina, Koudai, and Tomoya decided it was better to continue to make music together. 

I'm excited to see how they progress as a 4 piece. I think this is evidence that they will do pretty well.