Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fashion Fraction: Taka's Product Recommendation

Hello fellow Lixx readers!
Welcome to the Fashion Fraction's Product Recommendation~
Today I will share with you some of my favourite products I use for skin and hair care. Later I shall talk about my favourite makeup and hair styling products but, before you can get into any of that, you need to take care of the base.


Organix Shampoo + Conditioner
Organix brand shampoo and conditioner are wonderful and I've been using them for years. They have numerous types of shampoos/conditioners for whatever state your hair is at. For instance, currently I am using the Biotin & Collagen mix for thicker and fuller hair (as it states on the bottle). I have naturally thin hair and, in order for me to achieve those voluminous Visual Kei hair styles, I need to pump up my strands. I have also used their Awapuhi Ginger for repairing my hair after extensive bleach treatments and their Coconut Milk to nourish my hair- using it in between the Awapuhi Ginger. If you use the same shampoo/conditioner for too long, you can give too much of a good thing to your hair. You need to regular change it up- maybe between 2 or 3 different kinds. Organix is the perfect brand to do that with.

Redken Protein Reconstructing
The Redken Protein Reconstructing serum is what I use when I have extensive dead, dry, and almost ramen-noodle like hair after a round of heavy bleaching. A cosmetologist friend of mine gave it to me after going from a rather dark colour to blonde. This is a product that goes into use after hair styling but you can use it before to pre-treat.

Motions Oil Sheen Spray
This is what I use primarily to smooth and detangle wigs BUT it can be used to apply more hydration to your hair if it tends to be pretty dry. You just have to be careful because too much of this product can make your hair look and feel very greasy (you have to be sparing with it when using it on wigs as well). It smells utterly amazing too!

Hask Henna & Placenta
- I don't have any of this currently on hand so I had to grab a stock photo of it... but, the reason I don't have any of it on hand, is because it costs only about $1 USD and you use the whole package in 1 go. You can split it and use only half but I normally use the whole thing. Henna & Placenta is exactly what it sounds like- it's made from henna root and animal placenta. That may sound pretty gross but the results this product brings is utterly amazing! I use this as an immediate after treatment to bleached hair as well as a follow up about 2 or 3 showers after the initial bleaching. As it says on the package, it "strengthens and repairs dry, brittle, lifeless hair".

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel 
This product is mainly a styling product but you can also use it to just overall protect your hair. It's use is mainly before you straighten hair but you can spray this on damp hair before you blow dry it to provide the same heat protection. Let's be honest, Schwarzkopf makes some of the best hair products and you will be seeing more from their got2b line in future product recommendations.


Make-Up Removing Wipes & Noxzema Anti-Blemish Pads 
Pretty basic necessity. You can get any type of make-up removing wipes that you like and any type of anti-blemish pad. I use the make-up wipes to mainly remove my eye make-up since that's where the heaviest concentration of make-up I put in is but I do run them over my entire face in a quick wipe over. The anti-blemish pads help remove the rest of the face makeup as well as any dirt deep in the pores. I use the anti-blemish pads as a nice wake up routine every morning- but, be careful, the anti-blemish pads can make you face a bit dry and backfire against what it is supposed to protect against.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser
I love this stuff! This is the perfect balance to add some moisture back into your skin from using the anti-blemish pads as much as I do. I used to use this daily about 2 weeks leading up to a convention in which I was going to be wearing makeup every day for cosplay and I wanted my skin to look as flawless as possible. Now I use it every shower regularly and still use it exclusively so before conventions. It helps to clean up spots that could be from what acne left behind and just general odd skin colouration. It levels out the skin's colour, reduces redness and acne scars, and just makes your face feel extremely soft. Careful not to get it in your eyes though, it burns like hell.

Acne Wash 
Just your generic acne wash, here to the rescue. Another item I use every shower. I use this BEFORE I use the Aveeno cleanser so that the cleanser has clean pores to soak in to and moisturize. It doesn't have to be a specific brand unless you find that brand works best for you. Just having an acne wash helps eliminate severe breakouts and takes the "life" of a zit down immensely.

And there you have it! Some of my favourite hair and skin products that help prepare your hair and face for the turmoil of Visual Kei styling it goes through, well at least what mine goes through.

If you have any products you want to me to try out, feel free to email me! I would love to do a "Fan's Suggest" product review in the future! Email me at with the email subject as "Fan Suggest Products" and I'll be sure to pick it up when I can!

Be sure to tune in /NEXT WEEK/ where I do a special Holiday Fashion Fraction. I normally try to post bi-weekly... this one is a little late due to finals and I apologize. But, the next article would have been scheduled for December 23... but that's too close to Christmas... I'll be on vacation... and I want to do something special!

How is it going to be special? Well, since you asked... I'm hoping to do a special video article for you talking about the hilarious gifts I've received from family members who don't quite understand what fashion I prefer! So, if you too have family members who just don't get your style (and it shows in what they wrap for you under the tree), send me an email of your story (email previously mentioned above)! Maybe even some pictures of the clothes that just... don't quite match your personality... that is, if you still have them and didn't return them/give them away. I hope it will be super fun and a great laugh for all the Lixx readers out there! Until then, have a good week~