Monday, 21 April 2014

The Weekly Quickie: ALSDEAD, AWOI, Starwave Records Fest Vol. 8

Loud-kei rockers ALSDEAD are back in action with the announcement of a new single and a new member!  The new single, called 『STARLESS』, will release on 6/4 and be up for presale at the ALSDEAD sponsored live, Judgement Day, on 5/17.  During the live, they will also be announcing the addition of a new member.  There's nothing official (I don't think) yet, but all signs point to this guy:

Nikky, formerly of GALEYD, has been filling in for Setsua at nearly every live since his departure in December of 2013.  Like I said, nothing official that I know of as of yet, but if it's not him, I'll eat my hat.  Check out the trailer for the show while you're at it.  It's pretty cool.

Sad news for Awoi fans.  After almost ten years together, the band has decided to call it quits.  Their 10th Anniversary live on 10/22 at Osaka Big Cat will now also be their farewell live.  Personally, I am really bummed out by this.  They've been doing so well lately, I'm sure all of their fans are feeling a little blindsided by the news.  All events and releases will happen as scheduled, so please continue to support them until the end.  You can find comments from the band members as well as the official announcement on the band's OHP.

Super cool release news!!!  If you are a fan of Starwave Records (and get real, who isn't) you will love this.  Starting April 17, Starwave Fest Vol. 8, a DVD containing live footage from Starwave Records' 4th Anniversary Live at Ikebukuro Edge, goes on sale exclusively at live venues and their online store.  It contains performances by bands like Sound Bee, Magistina Saga, Synk:yet, and more.  This tracklist is so cool, I've half a mind to hop a plane to Japan just to pick one up.  Check out the trailer below.

 And that's the Quickie. See you next week!