Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crestillion: Kriss To Step Down

In a series of very recent Facebook posts, Kriss and the band have announced he will be leaving Crestillion for personal reasons and priorities. The band will continue, with Kriss remaining very much a close friend. Though we are sad to see him go, we are happy to support him in all his future endeavors. The band comments can be seen below.

-Official Band Statement-

We're incredibly sad to announce that our bassist Kriss has chosen to no longer be part of Crestillion due to personal reasons. He's been with us since the late 2012, and we've had a hell of an amazing time together. This band would never had made it this far without him. Therefore, we fully support his decision.
While this may halt future concerts, it will not affect any other future plans or releases. We have many things in store for you guys we can't wait to share. This also means we're now officially searching for a bassist. If you know you have what it takes to pursue a full time rock career shredding bass tunes, don't hesitate to apply!
Finally, your tremendous support always amazes us, and we really want you to keep supporting Kriss as well. Whatever he decides to do in the future, we wish him the best of luck!

From Kriss:

Hi everyone! I hope you are all fine this evening and that the sad news haven't brought you all down completely.

I'm sorry to say that I'm leaving Crestillion due to personal reasons and priorities. My time in Crestillion has been incredible and so much fun, even if just have been around for one and a half year. You guys, all of you Crestillion lovers has made this time so much fun and really kept me and my brothers motivated to keep up our passion for music. We do this first and formal for we think it's fun and to have such a lovely fan support that likes what we do makes it even better <3 Besides that I can ensure you, I have no plans of getting rid of or frees any of these social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Kik since I really can't leave you all! <3

I'm so glad for have making this incredible journey with three guys who I now consider as my second family. We could really talk about everything, almost did everything together as we all went through our ups and downs. so much love to you guys!
You will always have a place in my heart. <3

From Petri:

I truly wish I didn't have to bring you these news.

As some of you already know, Crestillion's talented bassist Kriss has decided to leave the band. There are no hard feelings and though the situation is sad, we fully respect his decision.

To me, parting with band members is like breaking up with your hand picked family. Dedicating your life to a full time band like this means rarely seeing other people at all. We do everything together and that is why we are so picky when choosing members. We are brothers, colleagues and best friends.

When I first met Kriss in 2007 and started a half assed band just for fun (back then he played guitar and I the bass!) I would never have imagined we would share the stage again in a band like Crestillion! If someone would time travel back to then and show us our future music I would have been sure they got the wrong guys, haha!

We have so many amazing memories together, through good and bad times and I'm proud to have been his band member.

Kriss, whatever the future holds for you, I wish you good luck! I love you, man. <3

From Kitcha:

As you may or may not know, our bassist Kriss has left Crestillion.

I want to start off with saying that we're still great friends, and no drama is included. And Crestillion keeps on going, no questions asked. Me, Petri and Lilo will continue giving this 120%, and if you're an amazing bassist who wants to join this crazy ride, feel free to apply. With that being said, it feels fucking weird. Kriss is family.

It started in December 2012. We sat down with this ever so crazy bassist. First time ever. But we knew almost nothing about him. And he was cool. Really laid back, almost shy. I'm a skeptic, so I had no expectations.

He started as a stand-in, to see if this was the right thing. His bass skills were amazing, and we got along great. Slowly we discovered a side of him we really didn't see coming. Behind that laid back dude,


I can't count how many times he made me laugh, how many weird conversations we had. Haha. And those hard times he always stood by my side, no questions asked. During my hardest times in 2013, I called him for hours, several times in two weeks. He always listened, always appreciated those calls. I've always tried to be there for him as well.

I could go on and on about how much of a brother Kriss is to me. But I've made my point clear. No matter what awesome dude/dudette carries on his bass legacy, Kriss will always be Kriss. If he gives me a call ten years from now, I'll be game for whatever. Talking deep shit, hanging out or playing crappy Pokemods on Counter Strike.

It's all the same. Crestillion will rise to the stars, but Kriss will always remain my friend and family. I've taken my time to write this, to show you guys that having a band is NOT all about rehearsal and business. Kriss is a living example. We all are.

Good luck out there Kriss. Whatever you choose to do with your life, you'll do great. We'll meet at the top. 

From Lilo:

Our bassist and my best friend Kriss has decided to leave Crestillion due to personal reasons, which I completely respect!

It will be difficult for me to not have Kriss with me anymore in the band. We did so much together, so many memories in the band. We teamed up together and wrote our first single Unbreakable, I wrote the lyrics and he the music. All the times we played live, the road trips, the laughs. I can say from my heart that Kriss is the greatest bassist I know off.

I've shedded a few tears because of this but I am also happy, Kriss decided to do something that he feels is the best for him, that is something I also want because I really care for this guy.

I remember when I met Kriss for the first time, my thoughts where, "This guy looks really nerdy", hahaha! I was convinced that Kriss was auditioning rhythm guitar when it in fact was for bass, a little mix-up from my part you can say. We have come really close to each other and it was nice to have such a good friend in the band and that we became such good friends that fast!

We really bonded when we went to a Yellowcard concert in February of 2013. Yellowcard where one of my favorite bands when I was younger. We rocked out! We also did many things together last summer. Chilling in the city, laughing, meeting new people together and all in all just having a great time! We made fun of each other on road trips and gigs, we've been goofy and in a good mood.

I am so happy that my best friends also are in the same band as me, but it makes it a lot tougher if they decide to leave. I love you Kriss, you're the best! <3