Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: mothercoat '5 - 1 + 1 ='

This past Valentine's day mothercoat released their latest EP "5-1+1=". The title no doubt a reflection of the recent band lineup changes, they selected 3 songs which symbolize each era: with their ex-guitarist 'so', without a guitarist and with their new guitarist 'fuku'. 

Track 1: "nipple cider"
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Track one opens with a quick paced, light beat soon accompanied by teasing tones plucked effortlessly with just a hint of bass. The vocals begin to overlay with a simple and airy tone, which works well with gigadylan's unique vocal styling. A touch of harmony from tokirock, and an occasional, patterned infusion of guitar strings round out this track.

Track 2: "misync"
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Track 2 is my favorite of this release. "misync" is clean, simple and rhythmic. Though this represents their time without a guitarist, nothing is missing. The track bounces between a driving pulse and a relaxed, but steady heartbeat. tokirock's vocals add the perfect accompaniment to what could almost be considered a heavy track. This is the kind of music I love driving to.

Track 3: "trickster"
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Track 3 brings our first sampling of what guitarist fuku is bringing to mothercoat. Involved not only in the creation of the music for 'trickster', but also the artwork for the release cover as well as the MV for this track he seems prepared to give it his all. The first 2 tracks varied greatly in their presentation and 'trickster' again offers up a completely different sound. All the members parts are very much involved; overlapping, competing, fading and merging to create a very full sound which one really has to listen to repeatedly to fully catch all the elements and appreciate their nuances. I feel it is safe to say that what fuku is bringing, is a good thing.

'5-1+1=' is an EP, though while only 3 tracks, gives a very complete feeling and leads well into what is sure to be a exciting new stage of growth for mothercoat. The experience and feelings of the members, infused with fresh new ideas will only lead to a enlivened, creative pool. Be sure to pick up this EP showcasing what was, what is, and what is yet to come!

By Lizz Wilson

[Official MV 'trickster']

[5 - 1 + 1 =]
3 track CD
1000 yen (tax in)

1. nipple cider
2. misync
3. trickster

CD release is live limited and only 511 pieces are available!
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