Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: The Mootekkis 'Heckling The Dawn'

Album art by Adam3
The Mootekkis are one of those bands which I wish I had the chance to see live. Living every bit the rocker lifestyle, they pour everything into their music wanting nothing more then for you to hear it. Their debut album 'Heckling The Dawn' proof of this devotion, made possible by the support of their fans. I was lucky enough to get myself a physical copy of this fantastic 10 track release.

Track 1. The Whiskey
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'The Whiskey', easily the most recognizable track on this album for me, starts off in true Mootekkis style. Having fallen in love with this song when they released it on their You Tube channel back in September, I'm ready to sing along, cranking up the stereo and oblivious to the stares of the other drivers. No doubt wishing they were privy to the sounds coming from my speakers. This track is everything it should be and sets you up for the ride ahead. You've got your speakers turned up now right?

Track 2. Bolivian
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Bolivian keeps the pace and energy up. The guitar riff is familiar, though my mind has failed to place it, but half way through the song you've forgotten what you were thinking about and are picking out words and singing along regardless. Even now as I type I can't help but continue to dance along to the beat.

Track 3. Milky Way
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Milky Way greets us with a time change and skip beat rhythm accompanied by grungy guitar and a heavy, but simple bass pulse. As Mike joins in with his vocals, which somehow seem smooth to me while being thickened by that rocker lifestyle influence, we are taken to a more even beat which yes, as you guessed it, still has me grooving along as I sit here.

Track 4. Public Displays Of Affection
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Track 4, for whatever reason, always brings back my memory of seeing Guitar Wolf live. I'm not sure exactly what it is, perhaps the era of rock, true classic rock 'n'roll that this brings to mind. Whatever it is, it's a good thing.

Track 5. Bubblepopper
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Bubblepooper wins my vote for favorite track name hands down. Though the lyrics aren't completely so, the song has an upbeat feel to it and you realize the message is a positive one. Everyone should live their life like this.

Track 6. Little Bunny
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By this point you've started to realize this album has great flow. You're not exactly sure where the last song ended and this one began but you notice that even with everything going on, and a sound that is grungy, gritty and screams of bodies pressed together, each wanting to be closer to the stage, that everything is clean. The sound melds beautifully, but each element is arranged just right and holds it's own, nothing is lost to the crowd. Little Bunny does an excellent job of showcasing this.

Track 7. Out Of Luck
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Out Of Luck gives you just a few teasing moments of a slightly slower pace interspersed with some gorgeous guitar riffs that suck you right back in and you realize that the bass has pulled your pace right back up. No breaks for you yet.

Track 8. Norma
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Norma pays homage to the band's stance on the noruma system that affects bands that wish to play live at certain venues. This track proves true that even with systems against you, great music will prevail and get heard.

Track 9. Day Jobbers
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I'm not sure of the event which inspired this track, but given the lyrics suffice to say, another event, another great song created. I think the opening riff heard here is my favorite of this album. It certainly sticks in my head. And yup, still toe-tapping here.

Track 10. Mr. White
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Mr. White brings a little more (though I feel wrong using the word) 'twang' into play. It's okay, it's a good thing! The beat is steady, though feels a little more laid back and the hand drums cater to that lazier afternoon feeling. Perfect track to end the album.

'Heckling The Dawn' is everything you want, need and should have. As the debut album for The Mootekkis I couldn't have asked for better. If they're off your beaten path, take a detour and check them out. You won't know what you're missing until you do.

By Lizz Wilson
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