Monday, 11 May 2015

The Weekly Quickie: Shibuya ga Taihen, RADWIMPS, Dir en grey, BREAKERZ, PLUS MAGIC, DIAWOLF, GUTS AND DEATH

 Tours, new releases and comebacks, oh my!

This week heralds the return of visual kei circuit event, Shibuya ga Taihen.  For those that aren't familiar, Shibuya ga Taihen is an annual music circuit that took place from 2009-2011.  This year's even will take place August 10 and span across five clubs:  Tsutaya O-EAST, Tsutaya O-WEST, Tsutaya O-NEST, Tsutaya O-CREST, and Shibuya MUSIC EXCHANGE.  Thought the lineup has not yet been announced, it promises over 50 visual kei bands, so there's bound to be a few you want to see.

RADWIMPS have announced an Asian/European tour starting in October.  Starting October 9 in Seoul, South Korea, the tour is comprised of six stops, taking them to Germany, France, England and ending in Taipei, Taiwan.  Check the homepage for venue information and more details.

DIR EN GREY have announced yet another tour starting this fall.  Titled, "Never Free from the Awakening," the tour starts September 10 at Kanagawa CLUB CITTA and runs through October 11 at Zepp Sapporo.  This comes hot off of their current tour, THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE, which will take them through Europe and Japan.  Check the homepage for more dates and details.

You've probably already heard about BREAKERZ's plan to host a free live for their comeback.  Well, details have finally been announced.  The live will be held at Yoyogi Koen Yagai stage on May 20.  Entrance is completely free, so make sure to stop by if you're in the area.  You can also pick up their new single, We Go, while you're there.

One for the Suck file, PLUS MAGIC have announced they will be ending all band activities after their live on June 9.  They gave no reasoning for the breakup in their statement, simply apologizing for the sudden announcement.  After only about a year together, they must just not be meant to be.

Side project of A9's Tora and Shou, DIAWOLF have announced the release of their first album slated for July.  Titled REBELLION, the album drops July 1 and the duo will hold a record release live at Shibuya Sound Museum VISION on July 5.

And, we'll close things up, as usual, with a New...Thing...Alert.  Ex members of recently disbanded group THE KIDDIE have announced a new project.  Called GUTS AND DEATH, the group announced via their official YouTube channel that they will be releasing new material every day starting May 15 at 19:00 JST.  Just what that material is has yet to be seen.  Judging by their first video, it's pizza related ^^

And, that's the Quickie.  I'm hungry....