Monday, 17 March 2014

The Weekly Quickie: Ganglion, Lin -end of corruption world-, Liplich

Bad news for all-girl metal band, Ganglion.  Bassist, Yui, will be leaving the band after their live at Shibuya REX on 4/5.  Citing Yui's ongoing poor health, she believes it would be difficult for her to continue and, after much discussion with her bandmates, has decided to step down.  The band plans to continue activities after her departure.  They are currently searching for a replacement.  You can find comments from the band and individual members on their OHP.

Liplich vocalist, Kuga, has been diagnosed with vocal chord inflamation and small vocal polyps.  In the interests of getting well, he will be abstaining from band activities, including lives and in-store events, for the next two weeks.  Kuga made an official statement on his blog, kindly translated by the folks over at Shattered Tranquility.  We wish him the best and hope he comes back stronger than ever.

In happier news, Lin -end of corruption world- is making their triumphant return.  Kisaki announced via Twitter that, after being on hiatus for almost a year, they will be returning to the stage on June 1.  Details are limited for now, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

We all love new releases!!  I could list them all, but that could take all day, so here's a couple I think you shouldn't miss.

Buck Tick new single, 形而上 流星 (Metaphysical Meteor) to release 5/14 in three types: A and B with a DVD/Blueray containing footage from their live on 12/23/2013 (that's my bday!  teehee!!), and C with cd only.  Check out their Facebook for a preview and more info. Pre-Order 形而上 流星 here!

Dir en grey is just full of new goodies!  Documentery DVD, TOUR13 GHOUL releases 4/23, Live DVD, Dum Spiro Spero Live at Budokan, releases July 2014, and promises of a new album in November.  Not to mention a Japan tour, PSYCHONNECT -mode of "GAUZE"?- starting in August.  Just the name of that tour makes me giddy.  Get it all here, you know you want it.

And that's the quickie.  Was it good for you? :P

*all photo credit to respective band's OHP